Plumbing Education Services

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New Hampshire Plumbing & Gasfitting License Renewal Seminars

Comments from Seminar Attendees

"New subject matter with corresponding documentation. Well paced."
R. Henault, Merrimack, New Hampshire

"I liked the way the material was presented and the information provided. The seminar was well presented and kept interest for the three hour period."
H. Meyer, Enfield, New Hampshire

"Best seminar I've been to in a few years."
T. Brogan, Manchester, New Hampshire

"The class kept moving, wasn't boring, and was very interesting."
J. Flanders, Manchester, New Hampshire

"Great drawings and board work. This seminar was different than others and much more informative."
B. Boisvert, Nashua, New Hampshire

"Good materials—openness to discussion. Good to see someone in the trade to help us instead of ridicule us."
R. Perino, Laconia, New Hampshire

"The instructor stuck to the subject matter. It was a pleasure to see a new face giving the seminars."
K. Girard, Old Orchard Beach, Maine

"I like the easy and the straight plumbing talk. Keep up the good work."
S. Raia, Portland, Maine

"I like the way he generated interest in a very dry subject."
J. Boutwell, Peterboro, New Hampshire

"He presented his program, knew his subject, and was very quick with the answers to code questions. Great education—knew his subject well."
W. Houghton, Walpole, New Hampshire

"Relaxed and informal—no pressure—class was very informative… I liked the explanation of the material."
J. Boutwell, Peterboro, New Hampshire

"Mr. Evans kept everyone's interest throughout the seminar."
P. Stromgren, Keene, New Hampshire

"Excellent instruction on drainage and venting, which is unclear in the book."
M. Bodi, Chester, Vermont

"Presented in a manner that makes a dull topic interesting. Very well done."
C. Gratton, Greenfield, Massachusetts

"I liked the information and discussion of laws and codes… interesting and informative."
R. Howard, Nashua, New Hampshire

"I liked being able to converse about plumbing-related questions with someone who does plumbing."
G. Daly, Nashua, New Hampshire

"I liked the clear speaking and knowledge of subject matter."
L. Spaulding, North London, New Hampshire